Sales Management

  • Database Analysis

    Proper sales management requires a tightly run sales database. Without the ability to access, sort and identify your leads, you will never truly know the status of your sales pipeline. At SP Paone Events, our initial step in taking on any sales management client is to analyze your current CRM and test for efficiencies, make recommendations and implement changes where required.

  • Lead Generation

    At SP Paone Events, our sales team will be dedicated to comprehending all facets of your industry sector. Our experienced sales team will conduct extensive research of your business by learning what drives value to your prospective clients. It is only after understanding this crucial information that we will then initiate the lead generation process. Often times we have discovered new vertical markets from which to sell

  • Call Volume

    Without exception, our sales team will always maximize their respective sales calls as their compensation structure is results-based only. Call volume, however, is always affected by factors including: type of product, sales cycle, market sector, prior history etc., but rest-assured if our team commits to your business the maximum number of quality calls will be made.

  • Sales Reports

    Most CRM have the ability to generate custom reports, but establishing the right criteria for your sales reports is key in developing the clearest picture possible of your business. Our sales team has strict guidelines in note taking, pipeline status & financials, progress updates and general housekeeping of all leads and accounts. Your sales reports will be delivered in real-time, 24-7, 365, so you will always have a birds-eye view of your sales.

AWESOME expo. Met some great contacts. Found a great vendor for a service we were looking for!

LeAndria StreeterSpecial Projects Institute for Family-Centered Care

MTE brought the right audience that helped us generate good ROI. Also, appreciate MTE showing special consideration for early stage startups like us

Vinay IyerCEO & Founder Goombal, Inc